Intersectionality Network

About Us

The Intersectionality Network is a diverse, global, and genuinely inclusive community founded in 2017, the organisation has arisen from lived experiences of ableism and racism within Higher Education (HE). Currently, it is in the early stages of building and developing the network. It aims to ultimately to connect, dismantle and make transformational changes in higher education. It highlights awareness and support.

Our Objectives


  • To create a diverse, positive network of Black disabled women, students and academics engaged in higher education.
  • To encourage the embracing of their full identity
  • To deliver support and connect with allies
  • To deliver an awareness of lived experiences, and to enable challenging and dismantling of intersectional discrimination relation to ableism and racism, with the use of personal narratives and research throughout HE
  • To promote inclusion and equality in HE
  • To encourage visibility throughout HE
  • To amplify the voices of Black disabled women students and academics engaged in HE
  • To develop safe spaces and encourage self-care in HE
  • To increase opportunities for Black disabled women students and academics in teaching, professional practices, and researching opportunities.



The Intersectionality Network believes that networking, solidarity, awareness, and campaigning can help to create inclusive transformational changes necessary to increase opportunities in Higher Education (HE). We believe that this is paramount to enable equal opportunities not just for Black disabled women students and academics, but for all those who are impacted by contemporary practices of exclusion, and intersectional institutional discrimination within HE.