Intersectionality Network is a diverse, global, and genuinely inclusive community founded in 2017, our community has arisen from lived experiences of disabled students and academics of colour within Higher Education (HE). Currently, in early stages of community-building, the Network aims ultimately to connect – and thereby support – disabled people of colour in HE all over the world.


Our Objectives



  • To create a diverse, positive community
  • To deliver support and advice to Network members, allies, and Higher Education (HE) institutions with an explicitly intersectional perspective
  • To deliver awareness of lived experiences, and encourage sharing of personal narratives throughout HE
  • To promote inclusion and equality in HE
  • To encourage visibility of disability, race, and gender in HE – on curricula, in employment policies, and in administrative practices for students and staff
  • To amplify the voices of disabled students and academics of colour in HE
  • To support the elimination of intertwined discrimination (ableism, racism and gender) in HE
  • To increase opportunities for disabled students and academics of colour in teaching, professional practice, and researching opportunities





At Intersectionality Network, we believe that solidarity, awareness, and campaigning can help to create the positive changes necessary to increase inclusivity in Higher Education (HE). We believe that this is paramount to enable equal opportunities not just for disabled people of colour, but for all those who are impacted by contemporary practices of exclusion in HE.