The Intersectionality Network

About Us

The Intersectionality Network was set up as a result of lived experiences of Black disabled women in higher education, employment and organisations. We work globally, in the teaching and supporting in the expansion of transformational inclusive changes. 

Our staff are professionals academics, researchers, who are knowledgeable, skilled and more importantly have lived experiences of intersectionality.



Delivering an awareness of lived experiences of Black Disabled women with multiple identities, intersecting in employment and the higher education sector.

Challenging and dismantling intersectional stereotypes and discrimination, with the use of affirmations and personal narratives

Promote diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging representations and opportunities throughout higher education, and employment.

To amplify the voices of Black Disabled women

Encouraging the development of safe spaces (networks).

Increasing opportunities for Black Disabled women in leadership employment positions.

Our Values

The Intersectionality Network interlinks race, gender and disability together, focusing on dismantling and tackling intersectional discrimination and inequality.

We offer services that go beyond all others, in our commitment to inclusion and diversity. With the incorporation intersectionality. We also go beyond the focuses on every day awareness, the intersectionality network brings action based approaches, along with transformation which works positively towards achievement, progression and revolutionary changes across society.

The Founder and Director

Melanie Hibbert

The Founder and Director

Melanie formed the intersectionality network to understand the interconnections of societal responses, challenges, and impacts of intersectional discrimination on people with interlinking identities. She provides specialist training, workshops, consultations, research, and independent mentorships to assist companies, higher education institutions and organisations in building and guiding you to a more informed, diverse, inclusive employment and educational environment.
Melanie holds a range of qualifications, including a BA Hons degree, PG Certificate in Disability Studies and is currently studying for an MSc in Disability Studies.

She has been committed to the area of disability past 16 years and intersectionality for the past 10 years. She had started with working in childcare, social care, and now works in the higher education and employment sector. She was awarded a ‘postgraduate equality advocacy award’, conferred by the prestigious Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in 2017 for her outstanding work in the area of advocacy, inclusion, diversity and intersectionality. She has worked in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Melanie areas of expertise would include disability, race and intersectionality. She works with companies, higher education institutions and organisations. She is a Black disabled woman with many lived experiences and has disabled children.

Our Team

The Intersectionality Network have a dedicated professional team that have intersectional identities, such as race, gender and disability, they are highly experienced, qualified professionals from a range of backgrounds, who will guide you through the progression towards diversity and inclusion.

Our team of trainers and consultants are robust in identifying challenges relating to intersectionality. Their approaches will support you in every step of the way in the planning, delivering of actions, interventions to introduce diversity and inclusion.

The robust tools used will reveal and display results. Our practices and techniques are proven to focus on problem-based solutions to offer result in a smart and beneficial inclusive outcomes.

What people say about Us

“Our training from The intersectionality Network gave us a true insight into the lived experiences of disabled people of colour, which is rare. The training was built with resonating experiences and helped us to understand how we as a company can go forward from awareness to action. This is hard to find when searching for people who deliver training on disability equality in employment.”


“I am a diversity and inclusion officer the training we received had us mind blown. My area relates to anti-racism, we needed as a group to understand our privilege and to gain an understanding about intersectionality, which we weren’t able to do before the training.”

GeraldAnti Racism Trainer

The Intersectionality Network

The Intersectionality Network

The Intersectionality Network

The Intersectionality Network

The Intersectionality Network

Disability Race

Disability Race

Disability Race

Disability Race

Disability Race

Training Courses

Disability Equality Awareness Training

Reasonable Adjustments In The Worplace

Unconscious Bias Training

Online Training

Face 2 Face Training

Bespoke Training

The bespoke training courses adopt a multi-dimensional approach to incorporate a social model and an intersectionality approach that thinks outside of the box to meet individual training requirements.


The Intersectionality Network provides a consultancy service which is customised to your company, higher education and organisation’s needs. Our work will help you to develop your diversity and inclusion goals, strategically putting you on the road to achievement. Your consultation package will focus on delivering your areas of greatest need and focus on seeing tangible progress.

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The Intersectionality Network works alongside you to increased their KPI’s outcomes to include inclusive intersectionality approaches. We can help you to formed a equality group, including undertaking work with HR to dismantle silent barriers which impact on new employees applying for employment. We offer tools to improve inclusive strategies, which will contribute to the learning cultures, transforming data and developing approaches to effective practices, to help you with growth. From the identified recommendations generated by our team of expert consultants.


Our research team approach centres on moving from theory to practice, and the development of impactful action outcomes.

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Independent Mentorships

The Intersectionality Network offers an independent mentoring service which will help you to identify your career progression and personal development. We aim is to equip you with new tools to advance to the next stage of your career.

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